Investment & Start-Up Costs

We are looking for great operators to join our family and become a Fazoli’s owner. Owning a Fazoli’s franchise is a serious, but rewarding commitment. You must spend time training and preparing for your new business ownership. If you meet the following criteria, contact us today to start the conversation:


  • Initial franchise fee of $40,000
  • Investment capability of $750,000 per unit
  • Ability to invest minimum of 20% of total project cost
  • Liquidity of $250,000 per unit


  • Freestanding Restaurant: $1,082,000 – $1,752,818
  • In-line / End-cap Restaurant: $800,200 – $1,298,818

All fees and costs are outlined in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Request a copy of our FDD to help determine if owning a Fazoli’s is the right choice for you!

Why Fazoli's?

  • Trusted and experienced leadership
  • Strong brand reputation
  • Stable and growing system performance
  • High growth potential
  • Attractive financial performance
  • Operational & portfolio compatibility