Development Criteria

Most Fazoli’s locations are free-standing, however, end-cap options are available, too. We also consider converting existing, free-standing buildings, as long as they fit our brand standards and building criteria. And all locations are required to have drive-thru capabilities.

General Trade Area Guidelines

  • Suburban regional retail focal points strongly preferred
  • Near other QSR, Fast Casual and Casual dining restaurants, including Italian restaurant competitors
  • Near traffic generators including residential, office, retail, university, recreation, and hospitals to drive both lunch and dinner day-parts, as well as night and weekend traffic


General Site Guidelines

  • Freestanding buildings end caps preferred
  • Drive-thru required
  • Free-Standing prototypes of 3300 and 3600 square feet
  • Site requirements – 184′ of frontage and 200′ of depth is optimal
  • End caps of at least 3000 square feet
  • Italian food exclusivity preferred
  • Building exterior to allow signage; pylon road sign preferred, tenant panel on shared road sign at a minimum
  • Excellent visibility, parking, and access