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Fazoli’s Zero Deposit,
Zero Royalty Year One
Conversion Program

WE ARE OFFERING you an easy path to becoming a part of our Franchise family.

We have relaxed many of our conversion requirements so you can get converted and open for as low as  $175 – $300K.

We have a very minimal commitment period and no Franchise Fee.  The only pre-opening costs are soft costs for advertising, training and support of the Fazoli’s Training Team. The ideal candidates are existing QSR/Casual theme restaurant operators. The ideal locations are available restaurant shells with drive-thru.

Short Five-Year Term

Franchisees can sign a longer term if desired, but it will require an upgrade in Year 5 to meet the existing brand standard. The upgrade is expected to be $125-200K depending on the age and care of the facility.  The term can be longer if you would like additional options. You can do an early renewal for 10 years at a discounted rate of $7,500 or a full 20-year agreement for $10K.


  1. Short Five-Year Term

  2. ZERO Franchise Fee

  3. ZERO Royalty Fee Year One

  4. 3% Royalty Fee Year Two

  5. 4% Royalty Fee Year 3

  6. 5% Royalty Fee Year 4 & Thereafter

  7. Renewal Options:

    • 10 Years/$10,000
    • Two @ 5 Years / $5000 Each

4% Ad Fee Years 1-5

  1. OUR GOAL is to help the franchisees get open inexpensively with minimal or no capital required, provide our franchisee with a fast track to opening and allow a franchisee to compile liquidity quickly all with very low risk.

  2. Zero Franchise Fee Required and Zero Royalty in Year One: A Franchisee fee is only needed if a potential franchisee wants or needs to sign a more traditional agreement in terms of years committed.

  3. Fazoli’s is working with all of the Major REITS and Real Estate Investment Firms to find existing properties with the potential for  TI Funding. It is possible to get you open with little to no Capital.

  4. Fazoli’s has the unique ability to also thrive in small town DMA’s that have a regional draw. Some of our best sales locations are in smaller towns.