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The Fazoli’s family is thriving — and it’s not just because we have an unlimited supply of breadsticks! (Though admittedly, that’s definitely an undeniable perk.) We’ve carved out a few distinguishing characteristics that have helped our franchisees climb the ladder of success, gaining quite a few loyal guestsalong the way.

Intriguing & Affordable Cuisine

In a fast casual world dominated by sandwiches, burritos and burgers, our fresh Italian fare stands a step above the rest. Burger joints and burrito bars are a dime a dozen, but what about a fast casual Italian restaurant at a fair price? We just can’t be beat!

High-Quality Ingredients

We solemnly swear to use only the good stuff! Folks love our Italian food because it’s baked fresh and delicious each and every time. We’re proud of our exceptional food quality and great value. It’s what sets us apart from the competition!

Unique Dining Concept

As if our fresh, fast Italian cuisine and affordable price point wasn’t enough, we’ve also mastered the art of family-friendly dining as well. Our guests enjoy being able to have a home-style meal full of family favorites, without any of the prep work — because, if we’re being honest, it’s hard to find time to cook a family meal in today’s busy world.

When it comes down to it, our franchises thrive because Fazoli’s has figured out ways to outperform their franchised and non-franchised competitors with our successful business model. Franchisees nationwide are enjoying record sales with over two years of same-store sales growth; and a flexible footprint with in­line, freestanding and conversion options.