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On Tuesday, October 24, Fazoli’s hosted our third annual National Signing Day, and boy was it successful as ever!

What is ‘National Signing Day?’

This past year, we signed 30 agreements for new restaurants with 13 franchise groups, and already have plans for more locations underway. So, it’s no surprise that Fazoli’s is looking to hire — and that’s exactly what we set out to do on October 24! Our goal? We were looking to sign at least 500 new hires for a variety of positions across our nearly 220 restaurants. Managers and franchisees from across the country conducted interviews, reviewed applications, and offered positions to candidates on-the-spot. The result?

Here’s what Dave Craig, Fazoli’s Vice President of Human Resources, had to say about last year’s Signing Day:

“As a brand, Fazoli’s is rapidly growing, and we are looking for a unique way to differentiate ourselves from other brands in this competitive hiring environment. The success of last year’s National Signing Day showed that potential team members recognize Fazoli’s as both a great place to eat and to work.”

But, We Offered More Than Jobs

After 90 days of employment, every team member who started as a result of National Signing Day will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win some pretty incredible prizes. Our newest team members will be given the chance to win Beats Powerbeats 3 headphones, Bose Soundlink wireless speakers or Yeti water bottles. But we’re not stopping there! If they don’t win one of our many giveaways, you’ll still be delighted to know that every member will be given a “$90 after 90 days” signing bonus.

Understanding the “Fazoli’s Motto”

We know that signing new members is just the start of what makes an incredible team. The second step is working with our team members from day-one, to help them believe in our mission: “to serve America premium quality Italian food, fast, fresh & friendly.” In fact, we have such dedicated and passionate employees that our very own franchisee Jamie Jacobson was asked to talk about what the secret to our success is, with Franchising World Magazine. First and foremost, we spend a lot of time creating an environment that ensures our “team feels valued and appreciated.” To get the whole scoop, head on over to our blog!