Multi-Unit Ownership

Fazolis FranchiseBecoming an owner of multiple Fazoli's locations comes with great advantages.

For starters, your profitability and overall success have the potential to accelerate with multi-unit ownership. The expenses per unit decrease as you’re able to spread the costs over multiple locations, increasing your market share and purchasing power.

Multi-unit ownership also comes with a lower risk. Owning several stores in a given territory gives you a bigger advantage over the competition and additionally, shares your level of risk among each unit.


Another benefit of multi-unit ownership is the reduction of training and assistance demands. As you grow, multi-unit franchises become more self-supporting. You will have plenty of hands on experience from your existing restaurants, and can maximize your expertise when opening new locations. While the Fazoli’s franchise development team will always be available to support, aid and assist you along the way, your experience will take control and be your guide.

Marketing and advertising may become more cost efficient with multi-unit ownership as well. Your collective marketing dollars may be used to market each store and drive business with one single advertisement, especially when operating in nearby territories.

To find out about additional perks and benefits of multi-unit ownership with the Fazoli’s family, request more information from our dedicated franchise development team, or call 1 800-446-4383.