We are seeking new franchisees to develop and operate multiple locations in markets across the country

We prefer experienced multi-unit operators from the QSR, Casual Dining, Family dining or fast casual restaurant space.


  • Trusted and experienced leadership
  • Strong Brand reputation
  • Stable and growing System Performance
  • High Growth Potential
  • Attractive Financial Performance
  • Operational & Portfolio Compatibility

What Makes Us Different Also Makes Us Better!

At Fazoli's, we provide an experience that's second to none. We call it "Elevated" QSR. Our customers call it home and our franchisees call it family. Even better, we're the only elevated, Italian, Quick Service Restaurant franchise. We do things differently than the other guys for a reason - it works!

Fazoli’s occupies a unique place in the dining industry, being the only limited service Italian food franchise concept. Using a Quick Service Restaurant operating model, but with an elevated food quality, service and décor compared to typical QSR, we like to think of ourselves as Elevated QSR. Our customers love us for the tremendous value they get when dining at Fazoli’s as well our delicious breadsticks. Our franchisees love us for strength, vision and integrity of the leadership team, the differentiated dining concept which limits competition, and the strong economics at the unit level

Fazolis is a differentiated concept with limited competition from other brands; provides a strong value proposition for the consumer; a strong investment proposition for the franchisee; a trusted and experienced leadership team; development areas available for growth; and stable and growing sales

To request additional information, contact our franchise development team at ownafazolis@fazolis.com or 1 800-446-4368.